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The current version for download is version 0.6

Please leave comments and ratings on the forum, they will help me greatly

Anyways, Download link is HERE (Dropbox).

 How To Download And Use:

To download and use RPGcraft Demo V0.4, click the link above, and dropbox will open in a seperate window. Click on the "save" button in the window, and save the zip file anywhere (somewhere you will remember it that is not in your .minecraft folder. I am expecting you to know where this folder is.

 For windows, it is in (Your Username)>AppData(A hidden folder)>roaming>.minecraft

Now open minecraft either in your browser or in the downloaded launcher (reccomended), and do one of two things. Either find an existing world that you want to replace with RPGcraft, or create a new world in the save slot you want RPGcraft in. Now once the new world has rendered, or you found a world to use, save the world (if you opened a new one) and close minecraft.

Now locate the zip file you downloaded earlier and open it. You should see a file that says "RPGCraft". Take this file, copy it and open your .minecraft folder. Now open the folder inside labeled "saves" and paste in your RPGcraft folder. It should say something like "do you want to replace this file (your existing world) with this one (the RPGcraft world)?" Select copy and replace, and check off do for all _ problems. It should take a while, but RPGcraft should replace the existing world! All you have to do now is open minecraft and enjoy.

 If you have any issues email me at WoodPuncher@Gmail.com, or leave your problem either in the minecraft forum thread found Here or on the support section of this websites forum.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, and enjoy!

-Wood Puncher 


Old Versions

Version 0.6 (Current Version): Download (45+ Downloads)

Version 0.5.1 (0.5 Patch): Download (Downloads Unknown)

Version 0.5: Download (300+ Downloads)

Version 0.4: Download (1000+ Downloads)

Version 0.3: Download (1910+ Downloads)

Warning! All versions below this text are using the really old save format

Version 0.2: Download (320+ Downloads)

Version 0.1: Download (1270+Downloads)

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