RPGcraft - A Minecraft RPG!

Welcome Traveller!

Welcome, traveller, to the world of RPGcraft. RPGcraft is a minecraft world that will turn your entire game into an immersive RPG experience. You will embark on a large-scale adventure throughout the entire world, saving all and discovering secrets. But be careful, the forces of evil are at work, and will stop at nothing to stop you. Destroy the mighty creepers, crush the dastardly skeletons, and triumph over the terrifying zombies, as you work to bring peace to all!

The game is currently being built by Myself, WoodPuncher, and am taking suggestions from the community. You can find my suggestion thread HERE, on the minecraft forums, or in this website's forums.

The Planned Features Currently Are:

  • Multiple Towns
  • Many Secrets
  • Easter Eggs
  • Nether Portion (Not Yet Revealed)
  • Scattered Houses
  • Large Castle With Lava Everywhere
  • Secret Passages In The Lava
  • A Secret Treasure Hunt
  • Large Underground Room With Many Pigs
  • Half-Destroyed Nether Village
  • Hidden Sandcastle
  • Caves To Explore
  • Farms Scattered About
  • Herobrine's Hideout
  • Burning Building Of Some Sort
  • And Whatever I See Fit As I Build!

Anything on here is not final. I will however, try as hard as I can to incorperate all features, and will most likely do so


 For anyone who wants to take that extra step to help RPGcraft, you can donate through paypal by clicking the button on the sidebar to the left. Any money recieved will go towards RPGCraft so that the map can be improved! If you have any requests for what your money be used for, just pm me and i will be happy to consider it.
    -None yet 
I will put the names (initials unless said otherwise) forum accout, youtube of anyone who donates to RPGcraft, just PM me with what you want it to say along with the name you used to donate with.